Wednesday, 19 September 2007


In order to not have one of those blogs that gets really boring because it never gets updated, I thought I might post some pictures of the flowers that will be a part of my sculpture by the sea installation.

Some of the flowers in the wreath have stories of their own. Some make references to popular culture, personal beliefs, or simply the natural connection between individual plastic components. I also use visual puns to connect pieces which sometimes also allude to existing flower names. Each flower starts with a single piece and grows slowly by trying a variety of combinations of colours and shapes.

Bo Peep
She is calling out to her sheep as they hide amongst the lush cable-tie grass. She has a skirt made from the trap from a mouse trap game.

Border Protection
Maybe if we closed down detention centres and spent the 200 million dollars we spend on them every year on a more productive and humane solution to asylum seekers...
Maybe we wouldn't have to keep building ridiculous fences.

Measure of Success
A friend gave me the little white house which was given to her as a promotional gift from her real estate agent. It's actually a tape measure that pulls up from the chimney. There is so much emphasis on owning your own home that if you don't, you are somehow perceived as not quite having made it in the world. This house is not only surrounded by the proverbial white picket is also in a leafy suburb. now, if they could only make the repayments.

Bear in a Bucket
I used to collect kinder surprises when you had to put them together. Apparently now, the toys are complete. No assembly required. Suffice to say, I have a box of them and occasionally employ them as the feature for individual flowers. I like the alliterative aspect to this one.