Sunday, 22 November 2009

well thank god that's over

Don't get me wrong, Sculpture by the Sea was great, but it was completely exhausting. Really happy to have sold my work, and especially that the new owners live fifty meters from Marks park. Also very pleased to have received the Kids Choice award. Thanks Kids! I love the Dinosaur Designs trophy. I didn't expect that. Almost better than the cash!
So now I have a large bag of plastic that broke off the house that I need to reattach. I'll do that tomorrow. Then I have to try and find somewhere to put all the leftover plastic/toys etc, and resurrect my garage. I have no idea where to put it. It all seems far too big a job on this 40 degree afternoon.
Here are a couple of pictures of the Dream Home in situ. Thanks to everyone who supported me in making it and everyone who came to see it. It makes it all worthwhile.

Being installed in new home. Note how far it has to go down into the courtyard...that's Gregs face underneath the bottom of the house.

School groups going crazy for bubbles