Sunday, 5 October 2008

yay! a bower!

Went for an overnighter in Kangaroo Valley and very happily came across this. What a sexy pad. Offered him a couple of blue lids, a bit off a pen and a rubbery bracelet thing all of which he took happily and placed decoratively around his bower.
Spotted a number of birds including golden whistlers, lyrebirds, yellow robins, yellow-faced honeyeaters, olive backed orioles, noisy friarbirds (building nests), and millions of other little thornbills, scrubwrens and blue wrens, oh, and a whipbird. The lyrebirds that darted across the road on approach to the cabin didn't say much, but the one along the bush track that I couldn't see, chattered for ages, doing a very good job at pretending to be a kookaburra, golden whistler, whipbird, wattlebird and something that sounded a little like an air rifle.
Oh so happy to see a bower.