Thursday, 29 November 2007

plastic planet

If we chuck enough of this stuff away, I figure our world might end up looking a bit like this. When it does, it will be a mighty heavy weight on all our shoulders.
This piece (sans model) and many others, will be exhibited in "Fragile Planet" which opens on the 4th of December at NG art Gallery, Little Queen St, Chippendale.

"The exhibition 'Fragile Planet' explores the dichotomy between our human desire to save the planet and our addiction to consumption that threatens the very existence of earth."

A percentage of the proceeds from the sale of the artwork will be donated to the Australian Conservation Foundation.

Saturday, 17 November 2007


Photo: Greg Lippiatt

There is really not that much more satisfying for an artist than to see reactions to their creation. After all, we create works to stimulate a reaction. Sometimes the interpretation is something we didn't even consider or intend. Sometimes criticisms are made that offer valuable feedback for the next work. Sometimes people will dislike a work or it will speak to them in volumes. Sometimes they will walk right past it and not even notice it.
I am happy to say, that many of the people who saw my wreath liked it. It made them smile, and hopefully for some, made them think about the underlying message of waste and loss of precious resources. On the whole though, my aim is primarily to create something of beauty. For me, art is as much about beauty as it is about creating meaning without words.
Thank you to everyone who contributed to it by way of materials and encouragement.Without an audience, I would probably not perform.

Photo: Greg Lippiatt